As I neared the age of 40, I decided to switch from a very decently paying but not so stable job to joining a start-up from San Francisco who moved their operations to Manila in 2016.

The last company I worked for and with whom I stayed for 8 solid years had its foundations in Germany but as a franchise based in The Philippines, it had serious shortcomings in terms of human resource management and a healthy company culture.

I had worked 7 years in Sydney, Australia prior so I’ve had the pleasure of knowing what a non-traditional workplace feels like.

However, the start-up and the culture it embodies that I luckily belong to now, not only does away with the rigid concept of hierarchy of traditional Filipino businesses, as expected, it also pushes the boundaries of even the most forward thinking companies I worked for overseas. This fresh sense of belonging and the fact that you’re growing with a young company, influencing its future, is thrilling. It has affected me profoundly and I feel I have to share my experiences using this blog in the hopes that more local employees and employers can learn the benefits of the values I learned in this workplace.